Full Dentures

Myron's Dental Laboratories team is committed to providing full dentures that offer an ideal fit. We understand that the large majority of complaints concerning dentures come from ill-fitting appliances. To ensure the best fit possible, our removable technicians use the Hydro-Cast SystemFit. This system utilizes water to force the acrylic against the gingival tissues, which causes shrinkage to occur on the exterior. Myron's Dental Laboratories has been a source of high-quality dentures since our founding in 1935. Our full dentures offer rejuvenated confidence for edentulous patients. Our removable technicians utilize their expertise in removables to craft high-quality prostheses that are also highly esthetic.


  • Odor- & Stain-Resistant
  • High-Impact Resistant
  • Lifelike Esthetics
Full Denture

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