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Myron's Dental Laboratories is comprised of Myron's Dental Laboratory in Kansas City, Kansas and Myron's West in San Mateo, California. Our laboratories are staffed by expert technicians who have both the skill and necessary digital advancements needed to keep pace with the current expectations of dentists in the 21st century. The focus of Myron's has always been to maintain consistency, dependability, and quality, through dedicated partnerships with clinicians.

Myron's Dental Laboratory was founded in 1935 by Myron Sigler. Originally operating out of an air-conditioning repair shop, Myron's started as a denture-only laboratory. Throughout the years, Myron's Dental Laboratory has grown from a single, removable lab serving Kansas City into a multi-location business that provides a full range of restorations to clinicians throughout the United States. Myron's Dental Laboratories is a fourth-generation, family-owned business model that prioritizes communication, quality, and growth.

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